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Israel model for Iraq June 28, 2007

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George Bush must be joking when he says he sees Israel as the model for Iraq.

US President George W Bush has appealed for people to give his strategy in Iraq a chance – holding up Israel as a model for defining success there.

He said America would like to see Iraq function as a democracy while dealing with violence – just as Israel does.

“In places like Israel, terrorists have taken innocent human life for years in suicide attacks.

“The difference is that Israel is a functioning democracy and it’s not prevented from carrying out its responsibilities. And that’s a good indicator of success that we’re looking for in Iraq.”

Bush is clearly one of those who believes Israel is a democracy, though many would argue otherwise:


What is Democracy?  Google has various definitions for democracy, including the following from Wikipedia:

The term democracy indicates a form of government where all the state’s decisions are exercised directly or indirectly by a majority of its citizenry through a fair elective process. When these factors are met a government can be classified as such.

Doesn’t sound anything like Israel…


Critical time for Iraq says Bush May 24, 2007

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It’s not the first time we’ve heard this…

US President George W Bush has warned that the coming weeks and months will be critical for the success of the new security strategy for Iraq.

Speaking to reporters at the White House, Mr Bush said the last of the US troop reinforcements would arrive in Baghdad by the middle of June.

He said he expected heavy fighting to continue in Iraq during this time.

How Bush expects 21,000 more troops to magically fix the problems in Iraq remains a mystery. It’ll be interesting to watch.

Mr Bush hailed the compromise reached with the Democrat-controlled Congress to fund the war without conditions.

That’ll be US taxpayers throwing a few more $bn’s away…

Full story at the BBC.

Shi’ite Muslim TV station gets ready to open May 24, 2007

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Coming this summer…

Starting this summer, San Jose will become home base for a new Shiite Muslims satellite TV station.  Sharon Chin reports on the message the station will send around the world.


More US-Iran tension May 23, 2007

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You can just tell the US wants to fight…


Nine US warships sailed through the Strait of Hormuz, off the coast of Iran, in a move interpreted by analysts as a show of strength.

Iran was not notified in advance of the US naval manoeuvres, involving 17,000 personnel.

Unsurprisingly, Iran continues to defy the UN. Can you blame them for wanting some protection against the world bully with nine warships and 17,000 troops so close by, gagging for some action?

Muslims well integrated into the US May 22, 2007

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Interesting reading:

CIA torture Iranian diplomat April 7, 2007

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The BBC reports that an Iranian diplomat freed last week claims that that his CIA captors tortured him. It wouldn’t be surprising; the US has a history of violating human rights, as previously stated.

The statement of Whitehouse spokesman, Gordon Johndroe, is amusing:

This is just the latest theatrics of a government trying to deflect attention away from its own unacceptable actions

The irony of this statement is hilarious, coming from the spokesman of a government that invaded one country and wrecked it (Afghanistan), so it invaded another to deflect attention away from this, and made an even bigger mess (Iraq), and is now trying to deflect attention away from that, and get support for a war on Iran.

Oh, and not one of the British sailors released by Iran was tortured. The US could learn a thing or two from the Iranians about how to treat captives.

Rosie O’Donnell speaks out on Iran and 9/11 April 3, 2007

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Another excellent video, Rosie O’Donell speaks out on Iran, 9/11, and America’s war on terror.

Iraq war parody by Mad TV March 26, 2007

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Mad TV has a funny video about the US approach to the Iraq war, though it holds a lot of truth.

Terrorism Quiz March 16, 2007

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Saw this somewhere, and find the hypocrisy of the US fascinating.

  1. Which is the only country in the world to have dropped bombs on over twenty different countries since 1945
  2. Which is the only country to have used nuclear weapons?
  3. Which country was responsible for a car bomb which killed 80 civilians in Beirut in 1985, in a botched assassination attempt, thereby making it the most lethal terrorist bombing in modern Middle East history?
  4. Which country’s illegal bombing of Libya in 1986 was described by the UN Legal Committee as a “classic case” of terrorism?
  5. Which country rejected the order of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to terminate its “unlawful use of force” against Nicaragua in 1986, and then vetoed a UN Security Council resolution calling on all states to observe international law?
  6. Which country was accused by a UN-sponsored truth commission of providing “direct and indirect support” for “acts of genocide” against the Mayan Indians in Guatemala during the 1980s?
  7. Which country unilaterally withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty in December 2001?
  8. Which country renounced the efforts to negotiate a verification process for the Biological Weapons Convention and brought an international conference on the matter to a halt in July 2001?
  9. Which country prevented the United Nations from curbing the gun trade at a small arms conference in July 2001?
  10. Aside from Somalia, which is the only other country in the world to have refused to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child?
  11. Which is the only Western country which allows the death penalty to be applied to children?
  12. Which is the only G7 country to have refused to sign the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty, forbidding the use of landmines?
  13. Which is the only G7 country to have voted against the creation of
    the International Criminal Court (ICC) in 1998?
  14. Which was the only other country to join with Israel in opposing a 987 General Assembly resolution condemning international terrorism?
  15. Which country refuses to fully pay its debts to the United Nations yet reserves its right to veto United Nations resolutions?


Answer to all 15 questions: The United States of America

Is it any wonder people question the US when it tries to act as word police, given that it has done, and continues to do so many wrong things.

Israel & Iran top ‘negative list’ March 6, 2007

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The BBC reports that Iran and Israel are at the top of the list of negative influences in the world, according to a BBC poll.

A majority of people believe that Israel and Iran have a mainly negative influence in the world, a poll for the BBC World Service suggests.

It shows that the two countries are closely followed by the United States and North Korea.

Both weigh in at a massive 56%, though the United States is not far behind at 51%. Wonder how long it’ll be until the US closes those five percentage points to get the top spot.