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Turks protest over headscarf ban February 2, 2008

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The BBC reports:

Thousands of Turks have rallied in Ankara to protest against a government plan to allow women to wear the Islamic headscarf in Turkish universities.

Such behaviour from a supposedly Muslim country puzzles me. I’ve blogged about this in the past, when talks to remove the ban first began.

Whatever happened to free choice? If a woman wants to wear the hijab, she should be allowed to do so.  Forcing her to go one way or the other is just ridiculous, and if people have a problem with someone who wears hijab, then that’s their problem.

The government argues the ban deprives thousands of women of a higher education.

But Turkey’s powerful, secular establishment sees the headscarf as a symbol of political Islam – a threat to their secular way of life, and to the political system here.

Those opposed to the reform include the military, Turkey’s judges and university rectors.

They fear it is just the first step to allowing religious symbols into all aspects of public life.

It seems like Turkey’s biggest worry is that it will bring Islam into the open, though if they are so scared of this, one must question why they are called a Muslim country (if they do not want to follow the rules of Islam).


New move to lift Turkey scarf ban January 24, 2008

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The BBC reports:

The governing party in Turkey and a key opposition party have agreed to work together to lift a ban on the Islamic headscarf in universities.

The Islamist-rooted ruling AK Party and the nationalist MHP said it was an issue of human rights and freedoms.

I’m amazed at how Turkey – a country that proclaims itself to be Muslim – can ban the wearing of hijab in universities. I’m surprised that France went ahead and passed a law banning wearing of hijab (and other religious clothing).

What is it about the hijab that these nations find so threatening?

There was a funny story about a girl who was nearly denied boarding on a Southwest flight for dressing too provocatively. Clearly, society’s moral compass hasn’t been abandoned completely, though it’s close.

Qibla Locator November 15, 2007

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Useful website:

The day an American became an American Muslim October 23, 2007

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The American Muslim has a great blog entry about the day he became a Muslim.

Here it is 6 years later and as it was then it is still now. 9/11 is a day of reflection for me for several reasons. On 9/11 I found out that:

1: I really was a Marine

2: I was willing to die for my country

3: Islam is infact not only a religion of peace, but the truth

Most people have no problem with 1 and 2 when I ordinarily re-tell this story, but number 3 is always met with hostility. Without going into the story again as I have a thousand times, I just want to cover the main points.

Jazakhallah Robert for sharing.  It’s an interesting read.


Morning Prayer October 9, 2007

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From Dubai At Random:

I asked, ‘I thought the morning prayer had to be prayed before sunrise?’ ‘Islam is a religion that allows man to adapt. When men had to start work at sunrise, it made sense to have the prayer before sunrise. That no longer makes sense, so now Islam requires us to pray before we go to work, and allows the morning prayer after sunrise.’

This is the first time I’ve heard this, and doubt this Brother’s thinking is correct.  Regardless of what time one starts work, Fajr salaat must still be observed before sunrise.

Find out your Islamic birthday March 9, 2007

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Here’s a useful website to help you find out the day you were born, and your Islamic birthday from your birth date: