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Why Palestinians have a right to be angry December 29, 2008

Posted by Some Muslim in Israel.

Read a great comment on a blog post, and thought I’d share it here:

They have seen their land stolen. They have seen their homes demolished. They have seen their industry destroyed. They have been subject to arbitrary arrest and torture. They have seen relatives killed with impunity. They have been branded Terrorists for protesting. If they do not resist it is said that things are finer because they have acquiesced. If they try to fight back, although they lack the means to be really effective, they are called criminals and apologists for their tormentors say, “see, there’s wrong on both sides. Both act violently.” And since the most powerful nation on earth is controlled by their tormentors, they have no effective way to address their plight politically. They never did. They are lied about constantly, attacked regularly, and their resources are controlled by their enemies, and stolen. They lack drinking water while those who stole their land fill swimming pools with their water. They have watched their centuries old olive trees bulldozed by their tormentors. And aren’t those trees a symbol of the peace they have never been honestly offered? Can there be any justice in a nation that acts as their persecutor does? The most oppressed people on earth are prevented by the United States from even asking for justice. They can’t be heard. One great Israeli leader even claimed that they don’t exist. But they keep bleeding and dying. And America remains in the clutches of AIPAC.

This sums up the plight of the Palestinian people very well, and I pray that the violence in Gaza comes to a peaceful end soon



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