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Blackwater back at work in Iraq September 21, 2007

Posted by Some Muslim in Iraq War, USA, War on Terror.

Despite killing 11 people and wounding many others, the US security firm Blackwater is still working in Iraq, the BBC reports.


A separate Iraqi interior ministry investigation has found that Blackwater was “100% guilty” of the incident in which 11 Iraqi civilians were killed.

Clearly, the Iraqi government has no authority if a trigger-happy US security firm kills some civilians, they find the firm guilty, but are then practically ordered by the US to allow the firm to continue working in the country.

A US embassy spokeswoman said the decision to allow Blackwater to resume work had been taken in consultation with the Iraqi government.

Do we really believe this? It’s unlikely that the decision was taken ‘in consultation’ with the Iraqi goverment, but rather forced upon them by the US.

The US embassy said it would not comment on the Iraqi report while its own investigation is under way.

What a waste of time. The US is not going to find Blackwater guilty.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has described the shooting as a “criminal act” and vowed not to tolerate it.

Complete rubbish. By allowing Blackwater to continue operating in Iraq, it sends the message that this behaviour will be tolerated, and that the US can do whatever it wishes as it will not be held accountable.



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