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Australian Racism July 29, 2007

Posted by Some Muslim in News Commentry, War on Terror.

It’s good to see Dr Mohammed Hanif’s innocence has been proven, and he does not have any links with terrorist organisations and the bombings carried out in the UK earlier this month.

The BBC reports:

The doctor who was accused in Australia of links to failed bomb attacks in the UK says he is relieved to have been cleared and denies any terrorist links.

Indian Mohammed Haneef said he felt “great… my Lord has restored my honour back to me, that I am innocent”.

It is sad then, that despite his innocence, that Australian Immigration Minister, Kevin Andrews, has decided to stick by his decision to cancel Dr Hanif’s visa, thereby stopping him from from returning to live and work in Australia.

Mr Andrews said on Sunday that he still harboured suspicions against the Indian doctor.

The fact that Dr Haneef decided to leave the country “actually heightens rather than lessens my suspicion”, he said.

It’s absurd that a government official can act in this way. Dr. Hanif has gone through the Australian legal system, his story has been checked, and he has proved he had good reason to be leaving the country (to go and see his new-born daughter).

Hopefully, the world hasn’t gone completely crazy, and action will be taken against Kevin Andrews for using his position of power to enforce his own personal prejudices against Muslims. Such a person does not deserve to be in a position of power.

Having said that, it’s a widely held view that Australia is racist. Having their Immigration Minister behave in this way just re-enforces that perception to the world.

I’d certainly think twice about visiting Australia now. They aren’t worthy of my tourist dollars.



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