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Iraq war parody by Mad TV March 26, 2007

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Mad TV has a funny video about the US approach to the Iraq war, though it holds a lot of truth.


Terrorism Quiz March 16, 2007

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Saw this somewhere, and find the hypocrisy of the US fascinating.

  1. Which is the only country in the world to have dropped bombs on over twenty different countries since 1945
  2. Which is the only country to have used nuclear weapons?
  3. Which country was responsible for a car bomb which killed 80 civilians in Beirut in 1985, in a botched assassination attempt, thereby making it the most lethal terrorist bombing in modern Middle East history?
  4. Which country’s illegal bombing of Libya in 1986 was described by the UN Legal Committee as a “classic case” of terrorism?
  5. Which country rejected the order of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to terminate its “unlawful use of force” against Nicaragua in 1986, and then vetoed a UN Security Council resolution calling on all states to observe international law?
  6. Which country was accused by a UN-sponsored truth commission of providing “direct and indirect support” for “acts of genocide” against the Mayan Indians in Guatemala during the 1980s?
  7. Which country unilaterally withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty in December 2001?
  8. Which country renounced the efforts to negotiate a verification process for the Biological Weapons Convention and brought an international conference on the matter to a halt in July 2001?
  9. Which country prevented the United Nations from curbing the gun trade at a small arms conference in July 2001?
  10. Aside from Somalia, which is the only other country in the world to have refused to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child?
  11. Which is the only Western country which allows the death penalty to be applied to children?
  12. Which is the only G7 country to have refused to sign the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty, forbidding the use of landmines?
  13. Which is the only G7 country to have voted against the creation of
    the International Criminal Court (ICC) in 1998?
  14. Which was the only other country to join with Israel in opposing a 987 General Assembly resolution condemning international terrorism?
  15. Which country refuses to fully pay its debts to the United Nations yet reserves its right to veto United Nations resolutions?


Answer to all 15 questions: The United States of America

Is it any wonder people question the US when it tries to act as word police, given that it has done, and continues to do so many wrong things.

Find out your Islamic birthday March 9, 2007

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Here’s a useful website to help you find out the day you were born, and your Islamic birthday from your birth date:


Israeli Soldier Perspectives March 9, 2007

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An Israeli soldier talks about one of his army experiences: My Army Service in the West Bank.

At other times, we would be told to search for wanted Palestinians. We were never told what they were accused of, and I suspect most of them knew even less. We were just given maps of the city and told to arrest individuals in specific addresses, usually about twenty a day. We blindfolded them, put them in handcuffs, and pushed them into a waiting van, where we would kick them in the stomach.

We were told this was nothing compared to the good old days, before the world media started covering the Intifada. In the good old days soldiers used to make Palestinians sing “My Golani,” the army brigade’s anthem. Soldiers used to paint Palestinians’ donkeys in green and yellow, the brigade’s colors. The good old days were a free-for-all of torture, theft, and humiliation.

There’s another perspective by Oren Eini, who speaks about some of his experiences serving in the Israel Defence Forces for four years:

I have served exclusively in military prisons, starting as a warder in Prison 6, which is a prison for holding IDF soldiers. The work load was crazy (19 hours a day was the norm) and the work wasn’t fun. I met a lot of people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise, I got to help to some of them, had two separate attempts by drug dealers (two different ones)  to have a contract (the fatal kind) on me. I got a lot of people skill (mostly by necessity) and an aversion to Noblesse, which is the cigarette that the prisoners smoke.

It’s hard not to hate the Israeli Army for the things they are doing, some of which are against international law (like using human shields), but reading these kind of accounts throws some light on what’s going on.

In some ways, these soldiers are not to solely to blame; they have to serve in the army and their stories simply show that they are carrying out orders from people higher up, who are the real cause of the problems going on.

Have to agree with Sebastien, and also blame the politicians for much of the mess, though I also blame the US for unilaterally supporting Israel and unwilling to condemn it for any of its wrongdoings, even when in breach of international law – not to mention the $2-$3bn it sends there each year in aid.

Israeli army using human shields March 8, 2007

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The BBC reports that Israel is using human shields again.

An Israeli human rights group has accused Israel’s army of using two young Palestinians as human shields during a recent raid in the West Bank.

The B’Tselem group said it had testimony from a 15-year-old boy, his 24-year-old cousin and also an 11-year-old boy.

They said soldiers had forced them at gunpoint to enter houses ahead of the troops during the raid in Nablus.

This is not new. The UK’s Guardian newspaper reported the same thing in 2003.

“The soldiers hid behind our backs as they pushed us forward,” said Mr Maswadeh. “Then they put their guns on our shoulders and began shooting. We felt our eardrums burning, but when we tried to put our hands over our ears, they beat our hands away. The noise was terrible because the gun was right next to my ear.”

The same happened again in 2005, when the BBC reported that Israel banned the use of human shields after a teenager was killed in 2002 (though why it took three years to get there is a mystery).

Israel’s supreme court has banned the use of Palestinian human shields in arrest raids, saying the practice violates international law.

The court issued a temporary injunction against the practice in 2002 after a teenager was killed when troops made him negotiate with a wanted militant.

Human rights groups who brought the case say the Israeli army has repeatedly violated the temporary ban.

Adalah, the legal center for Arab minority rights in Israel has a special report on the use of Palestinian Civilians as Human Shields by the Israeli Army.

Lets hope Israel stops doing this soon, and if not, that appropriate action is taken by the international community.

Israel & Iran top ‘negative list’ March 6, 2007

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The BBC reports that Iran and Israel are at the top of the list of negative influences in the world, according to a BBC poll.

A majority of people believe that Israel and Iran have a mainly negative influence in the world, a poll for the BBC World Service suggests.

It shows that the two countries are closely followed by the United States and North Korea.

Both weigh in at a massive 56%, though the United States is not far behind at 51%. Wonder how long it’ll be until the US closes those five percentage points to get the top spot.