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The spotlight on an anti-war Muslim January 25, 2007

Posted by Some Muslim in Iraq War, Islam, USA.

Stumbled across an interesting discussion about the story of Faisal Khetani, a Muslim dude and owner of Discount-Mats.com, amongst other businesses.

An American soldier stationed in Iraq emailed the company enquiring about buying mats, to which an employee replied:

We do not ship to APO addresses, and even if we did, we would NEVER ship to Iraq. If you were sensible, you and your troops would pull out of Iraq.

This has caused quite a media stir, once it was revealed that the owner of the business is Muslim.  He was subsequently interviewed by some major news channels like Fox.

Since the the story broke, he’s has been getting thousands of emails, which is expected, though death threats?  Some people need to chill the hell out.

The story has taken it’s own twist in the blogosphere, with people looking into this person’s background, posting information on his businesses, family links, etc, and going so far as to tell the FBI and Department of Homeland Security to investigate this guy?

A Muslim who is pissed off at the war, like millions of non-Muslims, who makes his voice heard to an American soldier by refusing to serve him and making a stupid statement, has a few online affiliate-type businesses and a brother with a Phd in Biomedical engineering, is not suddenly a terrorist.

Then you have people like Resa Laru Kirkland, who is clearly pro-war, pro-Israel, and hates Islam and Muslims.  She emailed Khetani, to which he replied politely and made his case well.

I neither have the time nor the space to discuss Islam with you and I know that you are not the least bit interested…

I will say this. The political situation in the middle east and the Muslim nations is not what Islam condones at all. Our history has been been rich over the past thousand years where a lot of prosperity took place, where lands open-handedly invited us, and where the Jews and Christians lived in peace even when the Christian lands were not willing to offer the same.

The political situation of the leaders is downright un-islamic and many of them claim it themselves. They do not believe in Shariah and many of them openly claim communism and dictatorship. Even the ones that claim Shariah are not following it at all, as agreed upon by the scholars of Islam.

You have to realize who broke up the Islamic Caliphate and why they did it, causing dissension and separation for their own motives (The British). Ever since then the Muslim world has been in a state of turmoil but we are working hard to restore the image of Islam and the correct practices as peacefully as possible. There are million of Muslims and thousands of Muslim scholars who don’t agree with fundamentalist/terrorist views. Believe it or not many of these scholars are in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Libya.

Other than that, I as well pay taxes, stay free of committing crimes, and treat my neighbors with respect. As far as I see I have the right to be here because I pay to be here just like everyone else and so does my family. We do not committ crimes or injustices against anyone.

Amen brother, amen.  I’ve never met this dude, but I like him.

It seems very much like these people, are joining dots where no lines exist.  As much as we all hate spam, it is not illegal for a person to start and manage various websites to generate money from adverts and affiliate schemes; millions of people are doing this all over the world.

Neither is it illegal for someone to express their opinion.  We live in a nation of supposedly free speech (though some facts would indicate otherwise), and if someone is anti-war, it’s their right to express it, including refusing to sell to the army if they so desire.

No doubt, this would generate nowhere near as much interest if the business owner were not Muslim.



1. ViperAsh50 - January 25, 2007

All I can say is if I were a Muslim and I was a peacefull Muslim living here in this great country taking advantage of all our country has to offer, I would have told the soldier he could have a discount and please kill that SOB Osama Bin Laden and all the other radical Muslims who are murderers of innocent women and children because they are dogs and pigs and Allah does not condone murdering the innocent….or does he?

2. The Patriot - January 25, 2007

It seems strange that you do not print the statements made by Faisal Khetani, where it appears he makes a threat against Resa, which could construed to be even life threatening. But then I forget, It’s ok for Muslims to make threats. If their/your countries are so wonderful why aren’t they/you still there? Why bring your hatred to America, since you hate America and Americans so much. Could it be the fact that you are cowards and aren’t capable of fighting your own fights and then when a country like America steps in to save your sorry asses you complain about it, or could it be that you can’t get away with the crap, you pull here in America, in your own countries.

You speak of FREE SPEECH and it’s ok as long as you are the ones spreading the speech, but Heaven forbid the shoe is placed on the other foot and that FREE SPEECH is directed at you.

As a PATRIOTIC AMERICAN – of which you are not, should ANY company display this same attitude towards OUR soldiers, I would, for one, react in the same manner. And I would spread the word to BOYCOTT that business, as I hope the boycott of Faisal Khetani’s business/es cause him to fail.

3. AmericanInfidel - January 25, 2007

Faisal to quote his muzzie threat to Resa :

“I am a Muslim and I certainly don’t appreciate you directly insulting me and my religion with foul names and accusations. I will be sure to forward this to all the major muslim organizations around the nation and you may have your support and your listeners,[b] but you can be sure that there are million of muslim activists as well that will do something about your foul statements.[/b]”

MR FAISEL COULD HAVE JUST CAME OUT AND SAID – I MADE A MISTAKE – AND SENT FREE MATs to these heroes serving in Iraq – as good faith effort in eyes of all americans – INSTEAD – he does what every muzzie seems to do – take advantage of our country while spewing the Jihad line from the4 Religion of Perpetual Outrage. Americans have tired of this on the homefront. THE APPEASEMENT TIME IS OVER

4. somemuslim - January 26, 2007


Valid point, but since when was Bin Laden in Iraq? Isn’t the US supposedly in Iraq to bring them freedom? And now with Saddam dead, that adds to the list of reasons to pull out and hand over security of the country to the Iraqi government?

The Patriot,

I’ve also not printed Rosa’s statements against Khetani, though using ‘Beloved warriors’ in her email, and having with ‘Stand with Israel’ in the email footer clearly indicates bias at the outset.

What part of his email could be construed as life threatening? Parts of the email sent to him could also be construed as threatening – ‘I know my readers will want to know what you intend to do about this horrific and vile response to one of our beloved Warriors’.

It takes two to tango. It is not okay for Muslims to make threats, just as it’s not okay for anyone else to make threats, and her tone was clearly accusatory.

You go off on a tangent, about hatred to America, being cowards, going back to ‘our’ countries, etc. Most of these statements are untrue, and outside the scope of this blog post, though I have replied below anyway.

If our countries are so wonderful, why aren’t we still there? Just because they’re Muslim countries, they’re not ‘our’ countries. A lot of these countries do have issues, such as corrupt rulers (heck, look how messed up Saudi Arabia is). No country is without problems.

We ‘bring’ our hatred to America? Many, many of us were born here and didn’t bring any hatred from anywhere. We’re just pissed off at the injustice going on in the world, much of which is against Muslims.

Cowards and aren’t capable of fighting our fights? Who asked America to be world police. You think the Muslims *want* America butting in? It does that all on its own. Who’s giving unilateral support to Israel to the tune of $3bn per year to attack Muslims?

In fact, due to various polls held on the BBC and CNN websites, amongst others, people actually think America is one of the biggest threats to world peace.

AmericanInfidel, you’re right, Khetani could have come out and admitted he made a mistake (a blunder on his part), though I don’t think that those serving in Iraq are ‘heroes’, but that’s besides the point.

How exactly is getting pissed off at a soldier by refusing to serve them spewing the Jihad line? Last time I checked, it wasn’t illegal to be against the war in Iraq.

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