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Another reaction to Iran’s nuclear ambitions January 22, 2007

Posted by Some Muslim in Iran, News Commentry, USA.

I’ve always thought the BBC was one of the best news sources out there, but it’s increasingly become just like other media sources, and engaging in the pro-America, pro-Israel, anti-Muslim sentiment, bashing Islam at every opportunity.

In this article, Brian Walden speaks about how to respond to Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and appears to be supporting an attack from Israel.

But, it’s good to see the comments from people who have more common sense. Some good points raised:

  • Iran has never attacked another country
  • Germany was not surrounded by nations aligned against it, some with nuclear weapons, like Iran is
  • Even if Iran did someday attack Israel, how does this affect the west?
  • The Iranians have signaled many times that they are willing to sit down and talk.
  • It is utter madness to attack another country that is not breaking international law. In fact to do so is breaking international law.
  • Britain is spending billions on a new Trident nuclear weapon system. What hypocrisy to expect other nations such as Iran and North Korea to abandon their quest for nuclear technology, when we in the west are continually building bigger and more devastating weapons.
  • Not every dictator or sharp-tongued head of state is Hitler, and there are other means of dealing with them.

The US wants to have one set of laws for itself, and another for people it doesn’t like. Just recently, the US demanded answers from China over a space test, though from the article:

However, Washington has recently opposed international calls to end such tests – and the US is known to be researching such “satellite-killing” weapons.

Is there no end to the hypocrisy. If the US wants other countries to do such things, then it should lead by example. Instead, it’s spending hundreds of billions of dollars on weapons and military, whilst simultaneously having the audacity to use heavy-handed tactics against other countries who want to protect themselves from the school yard bully.

The US does not have the right to decide who has weapons, and every country has the right to protect themself.



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