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An interesting statistic about the Israel-Lebanon war January 22, 2007

Posted by Some Muslim in Israel.

In the Israel-Lebanon war late last year:

About 1,000 Lebanese were killed in the conflict, mostly civilians in Israel’s vast bombardment of the country and land invasion in the south.

The Israeli army lost 116 soldiers. Forty-three Israeli civilians were also killed by more than 4,000 Hezbollah rocket attacks.


That’s right, Israel killed nearly 1000 innocent civilians, even with their F16’s and laser guided missiles.  On the other hand, Hezbollah only killed 43 civilians with their less sophisticated weapons.

Makes it hard to believe Israel when they say they actively avoid civilian targets.



1. Kafir - January 25, 2007

You are overlooking a couple of very important points:

1. Most Israelis had the sense to move out of the range of Hezbollah rockets for the duration of the war. They were aided in this by the Israeli government, yet the Lebanese government proved incompetent to relocate their civilians.
2. The Israelis dropped leaflets, made tens of thousands of phone calls and even sent automated e-mails telling Lebanese civilians to move away from Hezbollah controlled areas. Hezbollah gave no such warnings to Israeli citizens.
3.The civilians who remained in Hezbollah strongholds did so by choice or by intimidation from Hezbollah, who used them as human shields, and deliberately fired rockets using civilian areas as cover.
4. The definition of “civilian” when tallying casualties is important. While many Hezbollah fighters and supporters wear no uniform, even the loosest definition of “civilian” does not apply to them.
These figures are largely provided by the Lebanese government, which is thoroughly infiltrated by Hezbollah. The various wire services take these figures at face value, plastering them on front pages, but when they are later shown to be false, the retraction gets buried on page 12.
Only a fool would accept these figures at face value.

The bottom line is this:
The war was initiated by Hezbollah.

The Lebanese government was charged with the security of their borders and sovereign territory, yet they allowed a terrorist group to operate with impunity, repeatedly attacking a neighboring country.
They failed their people and they endangered Israeli civilians through their incompetence or outright complicity.

The United Nations had soldiers in southern Lebanon to enforce a Security Council resolution demanding Hezbollah disarm… yet they allowed Hezbollah to operate with impunity from the cover of UN outposts. They did nothing to disarm Hezbollah, and they sat idly by as Hezbollah imported rockets and constructed fortifications.
The UN failed the Lebanese and they failed the Israelis.

No nation on Earth will tolerate attacks on it’s people indefinitely.
Israel had the right to defend herself from the repeated attacks, and from an enemy who has vowed her utter destruction.
If you want to blame someone, blame the United Nations, blame Kofi Annan, blame that asshole Nasrallah and blame the impotent Lebanese government for failing to implement resolution 1559 and for continuing that failure with resolution 1701.

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