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Saddam was hanged for the wrong reason January 19, 2007

Posted by Some Muslim in Iraq War.

Good article in the Jordan Times saying Saddam was hanged for the wrong reason.

It was not the Iraqi government but its American masters that chose to execute Saddam Hussein in a great rush as soon as the first sentence was confirmed, thus cancelling all the other trials on far graver charges that awaited him. The current Iraqi government had nothing to hide if those trials went ahead; the United States government did.

Makes sense. The US were friends with Saddam for some time, and no doubt, they helped him with a lot of dirty work, some of which is known, and much of which is still shrouded in mystery. The speedy execution ensures that exact details never become public knowledge.

You know when a US spokesperson says stuff like this that it’s complete BS.

Saddam was convicted of crimes against humanity in a fair and just trial, the kind of fair and just trial that he never gave any of his victims. The US acted strictly as enabler, allowing Iraqi justice and Islamic Sharia justice to return to Iraq after decades when Saddam had imposed nothing but injustice on Iraq and Iraq’s neighbours.

The translation is from the Dubai@Random blog.  I have to agree with the blogger’s summary:

As a Westerner, I know the telltale signs that indicate when a Western government spokesperson is lying or not lying. In the case of this US spokesman, out of the entire press conference, the only times he was lying were when his lips were moving.

So, so true.



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